1. When We Sing

From the recording When We Sing


©Greg Shupe 1998
(Third Verse: Tom Wilson)

1. I remember growing up in a little country town
And going to that backwoods church where people came from miles around.
The preacher always read the Word
We’d bow our heads in prayer
But it wasn’t till we sang those hymns that I felt God’s presence there.


Let the music fill the air, let your voices ring.
God listens to us when we pray
And he loves us when I sing.

2. Now when troubles seem to last, and things are getting worse,
I think about those Sundays past singing in that Baptist Church.
It doesn’t matter what I sing
If it’s coming from my soul.
A hymn of love, a song of faith, the music makes me whole.


Someday when we've come to rest On God's eternal shore,
I like to think that we'll be blessed With angels' songs forevermore.
We'll praise His holy name
And worship Him on high,
Joining that celestial choir Filling up the sky.