1. Midnight Train

From the recording Midnight Train


Midnight Train (Keener’s Tune)
Greg Shupe © 1974

1. Took a walk last night in the rain and cold
After a year or so this town sure does get old
A restless feeling’s growing deep inside my soul

Think I’ll hop on a midnight train
Leave all this pouring rain
Pack up my dreams and find a new place to call home.

2. Maybe I’ll head out west before I’m done
Someplace nice and warm, I sure do miss the sun
One journey’s ended, one has just begun


I’ve got some dreams that just won’t let me rest
God knows I’ve done my best to give this town a try
But there’s a vision lying deep in me
I know what I want to be before I die

3. It’s hard to leave behind the friends I’ve made
And for a month or two I’ll probably wish I’d stayed
But there’s nothing showing for all the dues I’ve paid