From the recording Laugh a Little Sooner


Laugh a Little Sooner
© Greg Shupe 1995

1. There’s an old man up the road With silver hair and a heart of gold
And he’s told me of the many bitter sights he’s seen.
Yet a smile greets every day He lends a hand along the way.
I asked him for his secret, Here’s what he said to me:

You’ve got to laugh a little sooner; Sing a little louder;
Stand a little taller when you have to take a stand.
Try and do your best; Trust God for the rest;
And laugh a little sooner if you can.

2. I see people every day Who cannot seem to find their way
Always looking back and saying how it used to be.
But Abe Lincoln put it best When we’re all put to the test
Most of us are just as happy As we choose to be.

And we can laugh….

3. When the clouds start rolling in, You wonder when it all will end,
When every choice you have to make seems destined to be wrong.
Think about the things gone right, The friends around you here tonight,
Just lift up your voice And your heart will tag along.